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Search Engine Ranking

There are two Search Engine Optimization methods that you can be ranked as:

one is called White Hat and the other Black Hat.

The White Hat technique follows the search engine guidelines and rules.

 By being titled as a white hat site this ensures that all of the information is as good as the rank is in the search results of the any search engine.

In other words if your rank is high, then your information should be great.

The search engines do not have strict rules about this but if you do not have good information and you have a high rank then you are a considered to be something else. 

White Hat methods typically sum up as being useful information for users and not just for search engines, and then they make sure that their content can be accessed to their spiders.

The other method is known as “Black Hat.”

This is when you try to improve your rankings that are disapproved by search engines and sometimes involved being deceptive.

You can be deceptive by having text that is hidden.

This includes having text the same color as the background or at sometimes even invisible.

Any method that sends a visitor to a page that is different from the page searched is ranked as Black Hat.

Another way to be ranked Black Hat is by “cloaking.”

This is when you give one version of your page to search engine spiders and you have another version ready for the human visitors.

If you use Black Hat Methods then you can and will be penalized.

Your penalty can be one of two but not your choice.

You can lose your ranking or have your listings on your site eliminated from their database.

These penalties can be given automatically by the search engine’s algorithms or manually by someone who reviews your site.

Some great obvious advice is use White Hat Methods because in the long run you will benefit from it and you will avoid the risk of being penalized.

Making Money With Membership Sites

Making Money With Membership Sites

In order to make money online you have to do a lot of research. 

The fact is that there are many ways to make your money. 

One way you can make money is with Affiliate Marketing another way many internet business owners choose is making money off making membership sites. 

They make money off these sites by charging their visitors or guests a fee to enter their site. 

The membership is only for a short period of time and when it is over they have to pay the same amount of money. 

Those membership sites offer tons of valuable information, audio/visual training, content, software and templates for your members. 

By having all of that information you basically earn money for giving that to your members. 

The skills you will need to acquire to make money online include mastering your copywriting skills as well as your marketing skills. 

These skills will also help you endorse your membership site greatly. 

 If you do not have these skills, you should probably start practicing. 

A few things that are helpful to you are updating your website with new fresh articles as well as new software and videos. 

Plan your website.

Think about what it is that you will have on your site every month. You should not have the same things on your site for long periods of times. 

You can put up a variety of topics that include fitness, forex, cars, wedding and audio, etc. 

Do not forget that updating your information is important. 

You should also make a feature in which your guest can manage their membership payment for certain periods of time, including types of memberships. 

You must not forget that there are many more ways to making money on the internet that do not include making sites such as membership sites. 

You can use many other sources of marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Search Engine Optimization is simple and can be confusing.

One of the best things you could do is look up books about this or even ask others online.

There are many sites dedicated to explaining what search engine optimization. Many of those sites are correct and know how to do it.

Do not be confused if one site tells you one way to do it and another tells you another way. There is no one way to do it.

It is not a guarantee you will get to the top 10 in results because that requires a lot and the steps to get there are constantly changing.

Search engine optimization has many steps and everybody has their own ways to doing it and so that creates confusion as well as a variety of opinions.

Every search engine has its own way to ranking your site or web page and those are not always displayed for our viewing.

In the older days when the internet was just starting it was way easier to present your pages and not have a problem.

Today, search engines like Google use a bunch of aspects to rate your page.

Some of the things they do are look at your content, terms and in- coming links and out-going links.

So that you can get a good rating make sure that:

  1. Your website can be picked up by search engines with no problem.
  2. Your websites links are working and that they can link too many pages on your site.
  3. You have great quality texts and the text relates to your page.
  4. You have inbound links from other great websites that are similar to yours.

These four things above are vital fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization.