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Seven Plillars of Trust in a Relationship

Trust in any  relationship is at the core   these are my seven  ways to build trust. Through the years I have found  that these are the way to  build trust and are importasnt  for the strength  of your relationship.  A loving strong  relationship is  based   on knowing  that you can have confidence  in your partner, romance is also imperative,  but it is not necessary to think of ‘spicing’ things up all the time, trust and love and giving to each other is what is important For more about how to get your ex back

These are my seven  ways to build   trust and I have found them central to any strong  relationship, and over time  they have shown themselves to improve  the trust by growing   the connectivity between any two people .

 1)      As I have said confidence in your parner is the single most important attribute , what  I mean is you should be conventional and reliable  with your exchanges .  A widely held  belief, that you need stir things up to keep romance alive, is not usually true. I personally think that ‘Romance’ is key , trying a new eating place or a surprise gift are wonderful  to keep romance going . all  long term relationship needs consistency and predictability as the basis for trust.

 2)      Body language will trip up a relationship because if you say things and you body language do not match your words , your partner will not believe  what you say, they will understand the truth about your feelings  from the your stance and the tone of your voice . Match words with body language to build trust in your relationship. This is how to get your ex back

 3)      Belief in your partners’ ability to be capable is another pillar in any relationship, without this   all   relationships are on the way to self destruction .  If you cannot or are unwilling to accept that your partner is capable  with  the things they want to or have to do, then this will violate  the trust in a relationship.

4)      Keeping secrets  are the most abrasive  thing in your relationship, because secrets will overcome any  trust that relationship. Any secrets you keep  will be almost impossible to keep hidden and will prey  on the trust in a relationship.

5)      Needs we all have needs and preferences , so that we can   make  a trusting relationship your must talk about each other’s needs, there should be no uncertainty   in any relationship.  If neither of you know the others real needs are , then that will lead over time  to discomfort  moving slowly  into the relationship. Always talk about you and your partners needs and lay the ground rules, this will help to build trust in your relationship, and lead you to ways to get your ex back

6)      Once you have got to understand   your partners needs and if you feel uncomfortable with  some of those needs, do not be afraid to say no . The fact that you have enough trust  in your relationship to be able to discus openly your needs is great , and by advocating those ground rules, trust will grow.

7)      Try to ensure that love is well routed  in your relationship, you have to  go deep in the dirt,  some of the dirt  you find  may cause pain . This pain must be used  to help build the further growth of love and trust, events from the past need to be brought out into thesunshine , so they cannot be a means of any future conflict . Dealing with sometimes  difficult  problems helps to build trust in a relationship.

These 7 pillars are my way of trying to show you what will build a strong relationship that will stand the test of time.

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